Bushwick’s Miles has become a cocktail destination for both locals and trekkers, and with good reason.
— Brooklyn Magazine, 2017
Miles is a cocktail bar that gives off the warmth of a pub. The dimly lit, cozy spot is decidedly laid-back, with friendly service to boot.
— Travelmag, 2017
For the neighborhood, Miles is what would be considered an upscale cocktail bar, and it would certainly be in the upper echelon of bars regardless of location.
— Brooklyn Magazine, 2016
Miles takes its mixology seriously, offering thoughtful signature cocktails as well as skillfully mixed classics.
— District Perrier, 2015
stellar drinks...perfect bar food...great tunes that make you wanna boogie.
— State x State, 2014
...one of the strongest [draft lists] around. They may only have seven taps, but not one of them is wasted and they serve up some hard to find gems.
— Bushwick Daily, 2013
A simple space, with a nice ambiance, Miles has something for everyone.
— Brokelyn, 2013
The perfect blend of cozy and upscale, Miles might well be the best neighborhood bar in all of Brooklyn. Promising the best-blended cocktails in town, they definitely deliver.
— The Culture Trip, 2015
…go get a drink at Miles, where there is no shortage of perfectly mixed drinks that celebrate cocktail culture without being too theme-y.
— Brooklyn Magazine, 2013